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We are "Licensed to Fix!"


Realtors have very specific and special needs when it comes to the performance of their duties, and they need a repair service, handyman and general contractor that understands the importance of what they do and the legal ramifications that surround their decisions.

That’s where we excel! From repairs performed so that a home can be marketed for top dollar to BINSR repairs so that negotiated contracts can be closed quickly and efficiently, we understand and are ready to help our Realtor and Real Estate Agent partners!  Repair estimates are free and can often be delivered within 24-hours!  Just shoot us your inspection report and we’ll get back to you quickly!


We know that you work hard to close deals and we understand that when it comes to needed home repairs you need a contractor you can trust to move fast, provide affordable services and warranty the work long after you’ve closed the deal!  You can rely on us for fast, efficient and affordable repairs.


Sometimes you need the work done, sometimes you just need a rough estimate for the contract negotiation.  No matter what you need… an exact bid or a ’round’ number we’ll work with you so that you can provide the advice you need for buyers and sellers to make quick decisions in their contract negotiations.


ListFi is a unique service we offer to our REALTOR and Real Estate partners.  You list the properties, we’ll make necessary repairs and we’ll wait until the closing to get paid!  That’s right, we’ll partner with you to get your homes sold for top dollar!

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REALTORS ListFi Program

You arrive at your exciting new prospective listing only to find out the home hasn’t been updated since 1982?

Then the next shoe to drop is that the seller is strapped!

Forget trying to paint or put in carpet, your worried about the mechanicals and passing inspection!

With ListFi we will partner with you on the listing. We’ll come in and update your listing and wait until closing to get paid! That’s right, we’ll partner with you to help you get top dollar on the sale of your listing and your client can pay the bill at the closing table!

Crazy right! No need to discount the listing for a ‘fire-sale’. We can help you maintain the integrity of the values of the homes in your market while helping your clients achieve their goals!

Let’s go grab a coffee and we’ll show you how!


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